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Kevin Thompson
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       Well, it has been a long time since I have written a show blog. For that I apologize but between the 13 hour shifts, shows, National Guard duty, Haunted Tours and paranormal investigations.....well you get the idea. There have been so many shows worthy of a good blogging and I will catch us up. But one lately has really got me excited because it's right in my wheel house (besides our recent show on Knights Templar) and that is the Bothell House. In his recent book "The Bothell House" based on true occurrences, Keith Linder gives the story of his home in Seattle which upon moving in, he quickly realizes his family is not alone.  Prior to the show, I was honestly expecting a run of the mill ghost story, or in this case a poltergeist (I'll discuss the difference in a moment). But as Keith began to relate his story, he captured my rapt attention! Now, let me give you a sample; Day 1, as he sits on his couch  a potted plant levitates, spins then sets down on the opposite side of the room! Day 5; toys begin APPEARING! Yes, that caught my attention too, I said APPEARING. Where are they from? Whose are they? What the crap is happening???      Multiple incredible examples of poltergeist activity were related. Such as mail appearing in drawers (Now I know where grandma's Christmas money she said she sent went.) Charcoal drawings and writings appearing on walls, full bodies apparitions appearing. Trust me, it the activity gets very real very quick. Keith had a hint when his new neighbor said "Yes, they have had trouble keeping the house occupied....." Multiple groups came to investigate the home, one even living in the home for three weeks and gathering volumes of evidence. Now, I'm not going to ruin the show, you want more, listen to it. But indulge me a few moments to get into the pseudo-science of poltergeists vs. ghost. Keith Linder        A ghost is generally simply the spirit of a living person removed from the body, as an investigator we consider this an "Intelligent Haunting". Meaning, the spirit is self aware, able to communicate in a meaningful way or interact with the environment. Often this is expressed by manipulating physical objects, effecting electrical objects or attempting to communicate via a psychic or other medium (pun intended) Simply put, imagine you outside of your body. How would you get attention? Who would you visit or speak to?         Now, a poltergeist is a much more intriguing case! The name "Poltergeist" itself comes from ancient Germanic meaning "Noisy Ghost/Spirit. But in parapsychology, a poltergeist is not considered a spirit per se. The theory is, a poltergeist is most often generated by the client themselves. Be it from a build up of high emotional energy, frenetic stress or a psychological leakage of pent up psychic energy. This can be seen in studies which show that 70% percent of poltergeist center around pubescent adolescents. Imagine the hormonal raging emotions, combined with with psycho-social stressors and sexual frustration that teens deal with, mix in some Sigmund Freud, and potential psychic ability and you are ripe for a poltergeist. All that energy has got to go somewhere, and it may manifest itself with paranormal activity with this person in the center. Remove the person, and it generally subsides temporarily.  As for random objects appearing....I have nothing to offer, which is why it intrigues me so much. But objects disappearing is fairly common, and I will not rule out the normal forgetfulness.  Poltergeists often manifest as noises. Banging, thudding on walls, often accompanied by objects moving, tables tipping much like the case of the famous Fox sisters if you will.          I am inclined to call this a haunt, rather than a classic poltergeist. Let me add that I am reluctant to disagree with the experts who had hands on in this case. But here is my reasoning, given what I just wrote. What makes the Bothell House poltergeist so unusual is the charcoal writing that began to appear on Keith's wall. Often coming from sage sticks that Keith had on hands during attempted smudging. It is as if this spirit had an agenda, a direct message to Keith and his family. This shows direct intelligence, with direction and self awareness. Apparently wishing to keep the house to itself given Keith was not the first but obviously suffering the worse of all the previous owners. It showed resourcefulness by using smudge sticks. I find this humorous, as if the spirit was communicating "You tried this to get rid of me? I laugh at your sage!!! Watch this, I'll use it to affront you!" In closing, I found the whole story to be fascinating, entertaining and educational!         Whatever your beliefs are, whether it be ghost, demon, poltergeist, Casper himself; You have got to read Keith Linder's  "The Bothell House" It is available on Amazon.
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