Leslie’s family traveled to the People’s Temple in Redwood Valley, CA. when Leslie was just twelve years old. The final move happened in 1970. Early indoctrination of the Temple’s ideology proved to make her viable to the church and became dedicated to that. However, in later years, she would doubt, discover and decide that life in Peoples Temple was not the life she wanted. Witnessing brutality, manipulation and control she began to separate herself. Married, 19 and a mom, Jim Jones and her husband planned the ultimate plan. Her son Jakari, then not quite two years old was the pawn for Leslie to re-dedicate her to the so-called cause of “socialism.”


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Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil” pulls back the curtain on the now imprisoned religious prophet to an estimated 15,000 followers of the FLDS Church who, before going to jail for two felony counts of child sexual assault in 2011, is said to have married at least 78 wives and have more than 50 children and controlled millions of dollars for the church.Stories including those of the Lost Boys, a group of discarded teenage boys who find each other and the will to expose Jeffs’ crimes and the story of Elissa Wall, the child bride who became the lead witness in the trail that ultimately put Jeffs in prison.


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The Unbreakable Miss Lovely: How the Church of Scientology tried to destroy Paulette Cooper - In 1971 Paulette Cooper wrote a scathing book about the Church of Scientology. Desperate to shut the book down, Scientology unleashed on her one of the most sinister personal campaigns the free world has ever known. The onslaught, which lasted years, ruined her life, and drove her to the brink of suicide. The story of Paulette’s terrifying ordeal is told in full for the first time in The Unbreakable Miss Lovely. It reveals the shocking details of the darkest chapter in Scientology’s checkered history, which ended with senior members in prison, and the organization permanently damaged.


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A scientific exploration into humanity’s obsession with the afterlife and quest for immortality from the bestselling author and skeptic Michael Shermer In his most ambitious work yet, Shermer sets out to discover what drives humans’ belief in life after death, focusing on recent scientific attempts to achieve immortality by radical life extentionists, extropians, transhumanists, cryonicists, and mind-uploaders, along with utopians who have attempted to create heaven on earth. For millennia, religions have concocted numerous manifestations of heaven and the afterlife, the place where souls go after the death of the physical body. Religious leaders have toiled to make sense of this place that a surprising 74% of Americans believe exists, but from which no one has ever returned to report what it is really like. Heavens on Earth concludes with an uplifting paean to purpose and progress and what we can do in the here-and-now, whether or not there is a hereafter.


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Gabriel Said Reynolds is Professor of Islamic Studies ad Theology at Notre Dame. His research is focused above all on the Qur'ān and Muslim-Christian relations. He wrote a dissertation on the remarkable Islamic history of Christianity of ʿAbd al-Jabbar (d. 1025); the dissertation won the Field Prize at Yale and was published (Brill 2004) as A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu. Reynolds also prepared an introduction and translation of this history, published by (BYU 2008) as The Critique of Christian Origins.At Notre Dame Reynolds has organized two international conferences (2005, 2009) on the Qur'ān, and edited the acts of the conferences as The Qur'ān in Its Historical Context (Routledge 2008) and New Perspectives on the Qur'ān: The Qur'ān in Its Historical Context 2 (Routledge 2011).


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