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Is there a “No Trespassing” sign on the Moon? Have we been warned away from there by an alien intelligence? Is the Moon hiding a hollow core, one with an alien civilization? Do aliens take to hollowed out worlds out of a very real fear? If anyone DID NOT BELIEVE our Moon might be hollow, it was UFO Investigator and Author, Rob Shelsky. However, after researching the facts, the author did something he rarely does. He made a complete about-face on his views regarding The Hollow Moon Theory! Just why did he do this? For a good reason: because the evidence to support the idea of our Moon being hollow was far greater than he had ever suspected and comes from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and sources. The Author discovered there is also a veritable avalanche of evidence for the existence of aliens and UFOs being on or in a hollow Moon. If you have ever wondered if the Moon might just be hollow, after reading this book, For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky, you will wonder no more. 




Time Travel Is Real! Time Travel Has Already Been Done! Time Travelers Are Invaders From The Future Or “Elsewhere” And Are Real! These are bold statements, indeed, but Rob Shelsky's nonfiction book goes where most books on the subject of time travel don't dare to! What's more, he supplies evidence from a variety of disciplines and types of sources to back his statements. He lets the readers weigh this evidence. He then let's them decide for themselves. Unlike other books on time travel, the author doesn't attempt to bury the reader with mathematics and formulas of time travel physics. Instead, Rob Shelsky deliberately wrote Time Travel Invasion in an easygoing, down-to-earth style. He gets his points across in clear English and describes various theories of time travel without resorting to unnecessarily complex explanations




UFOs, Ancient Aliens, Alien Abductions, “2012”—what does it all mean? Is any of it real? Are aliens our "friends"…or not? "Darker Side Of The Moon “They” Are Watching Us!" takes an entirely new approach to these questions. Using the powerful Principle of Occam’s Razor, a renowned tool used by scientists the world over, the authors apply this same method to the above topics. In so doing, they arrive at some startling and disturbing conclusions. What's more, using one of NASA’s own commissioned reports, they take it all one step further, promoting a frightening idea, that we're being watched and more... This is a different type of UFO book, one that uses scientists own methods to prove compelling points. For readers, the conclusions may mean they never quite look at the world in the same way again. And also unlike prior books, Darker Side Of The Moon "They" Are Watching Us! is an in-depth look at how scientists and ufologists differ in their approaches to UFOs. The authors discuss what really constitutes evidence, why do scientists insist upon a "preponderance of evidence” for UFOs and the like, but not for other subjects? When scientists declare that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," just what does that really mean? The authors answer these questions and then proceed in a step-by-step, systematic way to build an incredible case for their theories. When it comes to sighting UFOs, the authors have some strong advice! Out of caution, it may just be wise for us all to take it. If you have an interest in UFOs, aliens, alien abductions, ancient aliens, and even what may happen in December of 2012, then you should read this book.




Are extraterrestrials our “space brothers” or is there evidence of something else, something much darker happening? The deadly side of UFOs—just what’s going on? For too long, researchers have overlooked or glossed over the deadly nature of UFOs. Author Rob Shelsky tackles this issue head on. He builds a strong case, drawing evidence from multiple sources, that UFOs are not our friends. In fact, very much the contrary seems to be true. Something terrible might be in process and Rob Shelsky makes a strong argument as to just what the nature of that "something" is and what it entails for the human race. He not only sums up the problems we face as a species, but shows us just what the consequences might be for all of us as individuals, as well. For those who are squeamish and prefer to think of UFOs as emissaries from a friendly extraterrestrial species, this book probably isn’t for you. Rather, it is a hard-hitting, powerful, and insightful look at the whole UFO question, in black and white, without sugarcoating, what it might mean for us, and what it might mean for the Disappeared.




 Mars--a planet of endless mystery and wonder! Humanity for centuries has had a strange fascination for the enigma that is Earth's sister world. Author Rob Shelsky takes us to the red planet and tries to uncover the truth about the paradox that is Mars. He offers answers to such basic questions as:

How did Mars come to be?
Are there ruins on Mars?
Are Ancient Alien theorists right about Mars?
How might the Anunnaki be involved with the red planet?
Did another civilization once occupy our neighboring world?
Was Earth, as some scientists theorize, populated by life from Mars?
Is there ancient evidence of a terrible war or catastrophe on the planet?
Are aliens still occupying Mars?
Are humans really from Earth?
Did Mars once have a different orbit and if so, why?
Is the moon, Phobos hollow as some mainstream scientists would have us believe?
Phobos, in reality, is it some sort of extraterrestrial spaceship?
Is there one or more advanced alien species still alive on Mars?
Do we need to fear our neighboring planet and what secrets it may yet hold?
Are there secret human bases on Mars
Is there a secret space fleet?




Look to the skies for a warning—the alien moon agenda!

Was the moon always in our skies? UFO investigator Rob Shelsky doesn’t think so.

Did the arrival of our moon trigger the rise of civilization? Did it destroy existing ones? Did it cause the Great Flood? Just who brought the moon to us and why? And did they invade our world as well?

Shelsky supplies compelling evidence our moon is a recent arrival–and it was no accident!




Ancient Aliens -- did a worldwide empire, Megalithia, once exist at the dawn of civilization? Who were these aliens? Why were they here? Was the Earth a colony existing for the good of the "mother country?" Were humans created by aliens as a perpetual slave race? This is the first book to take all the information on Ancient Aliens, put it together, and find answers. And the answers may astonish you! The authors, using the available evidence, promote new theories regarding Ancient Aliens. They cite evidence to bolster these theories. Among the questions they try to answer are: -- Were aliens responsible for the Great Flood? -- Was the Younger Dryas Period, the "Big Freeze," in reality a nuclear winter? -- Were the aliens responsible for the extinction of the mega-fauna of the late Ice Age? -- Did aliens use Earth as if they were a colonial power?



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