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ZodiacKillerFACTS is a reality-based alternative to the myths, falsehoods and exploitation of the unsolved “Zodiac” mystery.

The crimes of California’s “Zodiac” killer continue to frighten and fascinate decades after Bay Area newspapers received the first chilling letters from the deranged pen pal. A memorable quote from the classic western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance reads, “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” As the legend of the Zodiac killer becomes media “fact,” the truth behind the headlines is online at ZodiacKillerFacts.com.





Of all the notorious serial killers of the 20th century, only San Francisco’s Zodiac remains at large. A cold-blooded psycho stalking the nightmare streets of the late 1960s, he left behind at least five dead victims. The menacing sociopath sent more than two dozen letters to the newspapers, including four weird ciphers. Only the first code was cracked, and it began: I LIKE KILLING PEOPLE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUN. His last three ciphers, including the infamously unintelligible Z340, have confounded cryptographers and computer science professionals alike. 

But the most terrifying thing about him is that he was more than one person! 

The first half of ZODIAC KILLER SOLVED walks the reader through a detailed analysis of the forensics, ballistics, circumstantial evidence, and eyewitness testimony of the Zodiac crimes, and arrives at a startling conclusion: 

The Zodiac murders were committed by four highly proactive and extremely intellectual conspirators: 

1. a “trigger man” career academic who lectured on public policy at Harvard; 

2. a “press agent” librarian and Germanic languages scholar from Cal-Berkeley; 

3. a “cryptographer” statistician for the California Department of Justice; and 

4. the female artistic “mastermind,” a founder of the Sculptor’s Guild in NYC. 

The second half of ZODIAC KILLER SOLVED documents the author’s attempt to prevent a criminal catastrophe predicted by the Zodiac ciphers—The Terminus Event, an occurrence eerily similar to September 11th, 2001—in which a skyscraper in Cambridge, Massachusetts will be blown to bits, and innocent bystanders in Boston will then serve as targets for Zodiac snipers firing from a downtown rooftop. 

No book like ZODIAC KILLER SOLVED has ever existed, and no amount of analysis offered in any other criminal procedural, however detailed its examination may be, compares with what is put forth here in depth and scope.


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The Zodiac story began near Benicia, California on the night of December 20, 1968, when a motorist discovered the lifeless bodies of two teenagers at “lovers’ lane” spot along Lake Herman Road. Victims Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday had been out on their first “official” date, although they had been seeing each other for at least two weeks. Earlier that evening, David and Betty Lou had promised Mr. and Mrs. Jensen that they would return by 11:00 PM, but witnesses had seen the couple sitting on Lake Herman Road as late as 11:10 PM. By the time they were found, Betty Lou was dead from five gunshot wounds in her back and David Faraday was dying from a gunshot wound to his head. Shell casings were recovered at the scene and one witness reported seeing a vehicle parked next to Faraday’s Rambler at the time of the shooting. [View the crime scene photos and crime scene sketches]. The subsequent investigation explored the possibility that the crimes were somehow drug-related but the evidence indicated that neither of the victims were involved with drugs. Faraday was allegedly involved in an incident with a local pot dealer; the teenager threatened to report the man’s activity to police but investigators concluded that the altercation was not connected to the murders. Another teenage boy was briefly considered a suspect due to his relationship with Betty Lou Jensen but he had an alibi and authorities concluded that he was not responsible for the shootings. The investigation produced no viable suspects and continued into the summer of 1969.


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Meet Edward Wayne Edwards, the most evil serial killer you've never heard of. In this chilling case-by-case analysis and story of the killer's life, former detective John A. Cameron argues that Edwards was not only responsible for the five torture-murders he confessed to and was eventually convicted for, but for dozens more across the U.S., over decades. Tracing the murderer's life from his beginnings as a misguided boy who witnessed his mother's suicide, Cameron conducted hundreds of interviews, including exchanging phone calls and letters with the killer and interviewing his family. The result is a complex, terrifying, and fascinating analysis of Edwards' travels across the U.S. in the periods of his life: as a young itinerant handy man, an escaped fugitive on the run after a jailbreak, and of all things, an author on tour to promote a book about his life as a reformed criminal, followed years later by his arrest and confession. Each part of this haunting timeline is tied by Cameron to murder cases in the areas Edwards lived, based on his MO and his sick joy in taunting police, attending trials on the cases, and getting people wrongfully convicted for the murders he claims he did. These cases and ties include links to the famed Zodiac Killer, and more.


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